5 Keys To Unleashing Your Greatest Potential

By Corporate Feminology (other events)

Saturday, November 10 2018 9:00 AM 1:00 PM

Do you want to be promoted or start your own business? Learn the keys to success and how to overcome the obstacles stopping you from achieving massive success. 

To get to the next level, it's not about getting more, it's about letting go of what's no longer serving you to MAKE ROOM for what you truly desire. 

With clarity of VISION and increased self-confidence, you will Unleash Your Greatest Potential and get to the next level in your personal and professional life. 

In this event, you will get the 5 Keys, which include:
(1) Find out who's draining your energy. 
(2) Take inventory of your inner circle. 
(3) Drop the baggage you've been dragging around.
(4) Create a Plan B to give you more security than your job.
(5) Get a clear vision of your future.

If you're ready to get on the road to living your greatest life and unleashing your greatest potential, don't miss this event. 

VIP attendees will get preferred seating, a Swag Bag and a 1.5 hour private lunch with Christy, so you can get answers to your most pressing questions and needs. There are only 15 VIP spaces available, so don't hesitate.

Sponsored by - The Powell Allstate Agency